EXT Spinning Rod Series - Product Features


Designed and tested by catfishermen, for catfishermen


With the TWC EXT Spinning Series, casting will be a dream. Our durable E-glass fishing rods–which sport a large first eyelet made of stainless steel with a double epoxy coating–prevent your line from getting tangled in the reel. Furthermore, the end of the rods from our TWC EXT Spinning Series is tipped with white so that it can be seen more easily at night. This allows you to continue your fight even after dusk fades.


Your rod should never slip while you are fighting a catfish. That is why the butt of rods from our TWC EXT Spinning Series was designed to have excellent grip. The handle is made of grade “A” cork and tends to be much stronger and last much longer than a typical cork handle. The foregrip of the rod is also made of grade “A” cork and is 6” long to provide plenty of hand room for leverage. With Tangling with Catfish rods, you will get a better grip and a better fight.


For sturdy, reliable reel seats, the TWC EXT Spinning Series is great. All of our reel seats are made of heavy duty machined aluminum and are ribbed on the inside for a stronger bond. Each has two aluminum locking nuts with a rubber washer in between to ensure the tightness of the reel, and provides a first-class, durable aluminum hood.


All Tangling with Catfish rods come with a stainless steel hook keeper so you don’t need to place the hook on a guide. This will ensure the rods last much longer. Furthermore, the guides on every TWC EXT spinning rod are double footed and made of stainless steel. Each of the 8 guides is wrapped with thick black wrap and a double epoxy coating for longer-lasting dependability.

Trophy Catfish Rods

Our trophy catfish rods are time tested with proven performance. Don't just take our word for it.