Pro Staff

All of our TWC rods are designed and tested by catfishermen for catfishermen. Want to meet the anglers who actually put our catfishing rods to the test? Allow us to introduce the Tangling with Catfish Pro Staff team. This lineup of experienced anglers help test and showcase our fishing rods in competitions across America, proving time and again the quality of our rods.

Get to know our Pro Staff crew below:

Jerry Cline II

Captain Mike Douin

Jerry Cline

Captain Jason Bridges

Wayne King/
Connor King

Joe Ludtke

Captain Ryan Casey

John Allen/
John Warden

Joshua Cline

Jason Rath

Josh Mayes

Mark Farrow

Jason Masingale/
Daryl Masingale

Trophy Catfish Rods

Our trophy catfish rods are time tested with proven performance. Don't just take our word for it.